I designed this pink tartan using a clash of cobalt blue and puce with a small flash of green and a white cross for balance. The fibres are dyed and brushed before the weaving process takes place and that's what makes it so very soft. It stays like that when you wash it at home too. It’s warm, it's 100% cotton and it's breathable. Look at the side splits on her shorts, look how they’ve been cut and rounded. It's finishes and touches like that which makes british-boxers.com so special. I got into a bit of a Twitter argument the other day with someone who told me I was outrageous for charging £39 for kids pyjamas too. I couldn’t believe I had to go back to her and explain about cloth, design, manufacture, process, ethical production and finish. Think cars and engines. They'll all get you from a to b but some make you look and feel amazing and that there is the gold.

Deb at British Boxers