There was this one time many years ago when we drove round Bluewater shopping centre for 2 hours before we found a parking space. Then when we finally found one it was a bun fight with another car. We won the fight but fully expected to find the car with scratch marks down it on our return. I hated that car (Ford Escort with a ridiculous spoiler that gave the impression it could go fast – it didn't). Anyway, the victory of the parking space was worth more than the car itself, so we risked it. Then there was the fight for a baked potato at SpudULike (I know – treats me like a princess he does), the queuing at the tills, the obligatory fight between me and him about the price of cashmere. The utter misery. Then the final straw – the reduction in the price of the stuff voided by the price of the petrol in the queue to get out of the car park. Joyless, sorrowful, horror. 

I think what I'm trying to say is that British Boxers online sale is now on. You can save up to 40% off our website while sitting in the comfort of your chair. 

Just hibernate in comfort and relax.

Deborah Price
Managing Director, British Boxers