There was this one time many years ago when we drove round Bluewater shopping centre for 2 hours before we found a parking space. Then when we finally found one it was a bun fight with another car. We won the fight but fully expected to find the car with scratch marks down it on our return. I hated that car (Ford Escort with a ridiculous spoiler that gave the impression it could go fast – it didn't). Anyway, the victory of the parking space was worth more than the car itself, so we risked it. Then there was the fight for a baked potato at SpudULike (I know – treats me like a princess he does), the queuing at the tills, the obligatory fight between me and him about the price of cashmere. The utter misery. Then the final straw – the reduction in the price of the stuff voided by the price of the petrol in the queue to get out of the car park. Joyless, sorrowful, horror. 

I think what I'm trying to say is that British Boxers online sale is now on. You can save up to 40% off our website while sitting in the comfort of your chair. 

Just hibernate in comfort and relax.

Deborah Price
Managing Director, British Boxers

Introducing our brand new alpaca bed socks. Produced in a small village in the middle of England, these bed socks are crafted using traditional methods dating back over 100 years. The softest yarns are knitted to create these wonderfully warm bed socks which are perfect for keeping the chill away, and they make the best accompaniment to our brushed cotton pyjamas. Not only that but they make the perfect Christmas present too!

They come in Pink, Light Blue, Cream and Light Grey. Fellas, we haven’t forgotten you – the Light Grey come in men’s sizes
as well. Slip on a pair and say goodbye to winter cold toes.

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It's been 174 years since Dickens introduced us to Scrooge, but nightshirts like his are back in style. Just ask Harper's Bazaar
who put our nightshirts in their Fashion Find of the Day column! We'd love you to discover our nightshirts too.  

We have two types. The crisp cottons for those who feel warm in bed (or those who have the good fortune to live with double glazing). However, if like us you live in the North with single glazing 700 feet above sea level and your curtains move when there's a storm outside, then go for the brushed cotton. It's sumptuously soft and warm. Yet because they are made from 100% cotton, they're breathable too, so you don't wake up feeling like you're on holiday in a blast furnace in Antigua. Seriously though, they are beautifully made with French seams and perfectly finished collars, and all the fabric we use is exquisite to touch. 

From crisp whites and traditional paisleys to brushed cotton stripes and bright tartans, all you need to do is decide which is your favourite, then drift off to sleep. No 'Bah Humbug' required! 

I designed this pink tartan using a clash of cobalt blue and puce with a small flash of green and a white cross for balance. The fibres are dyed and brushed before the weaving process takes place and that's what makes it so very soft. It stays like that when you wash it at home too. It’s warm, it's 100% cotton and it's breathable. Look at the side splits on her shorts, look how they’ve been cut and rounded. It's finishes and touches like that which makes so special. I got into a bit of a Twitter argument the other day with someone who told me I was outrageous for charging £39 for kids pyjamas too. I couldn’t believe I had to go back to her and explain about cloth, design, manufacture, process, ethical production and finish. Think cars and engines. They'll all get you from a to b but some make you look and feel amazing and that there is the gold.

Deb at British Boxers

Can we ask you for a favour this holiday season? We know it's only half term week and it's ages until Christmas, but we work in clothing. Whilst on the one hand you might think it's too early to buy this British Boxers soft red tartan robe with space cadet blue stretch trunks as a gift, on the other hand we've just designed next Autumn/Winter’s collection! Anyway, what we wanted to ask was can you please consider supporting local businesses this year when shopping for Christmas. You’ll get better service, you’ll get better product, you’ll feel better, you’ll look better AND our economy will be better as a result. Let us be the first to wish you a very warm and comfortable holiday season!

There’s a thing I do twice a month and it’s gruelling. I’m the MD of the nightwear and underwear brand British Boxers. I probably don’t need to go and stand out in the cold at markets anymore, but I’m going to tell you why I do it. 

Around 4 years ago when I’d just started my business, I spoke to the MD of another local company at one of the artisan markets and he told me he’d turned over 3 million in the previous quarter but that he was still on the stall selling his jam & chutney. Why?

End customer. You can talk to the people who buy and love your product and find out what they want. 

Confidence. You can remember who you are and what you’re skilled at. You’re not locked away in your office working on your own. 

Cash flow. You can keep your factories/suppliers busy and pay your invoices if you have these regular lump sums pouring in. 

Ego. Most business people are normal people who buy and sell. It’s vital to remember that. People buy from people they like. Keep your feet firmly on the ground. 

Community. Loads of businesses in our town have weathered the financial storms of recent years by looking out for each other and helping each other. The market has grown from 4 stalls to over 60. Together we thrive.

I’m always grateful to that business owner for his pearl of wisdom. My business wouldn’t be where it is today if I hadn’t explored this vital local selling tool. 


Love what you do and love where you live.

Deb Price

Today we're all about the understated glamour. That feeling you get when you return home from a busy day and you want to hibernate the evening away. Our navy herringbone brushed cotton has been created by mixing navy and cream threads giving the fabric a marl ash/blue colour effect. Before being woven exclusively for British Boxers the fibres are brushed repeatedly and it's that process which gives the finished cloth its wonderful softness, feeling fantastic against the skin. We've cut the navy herringbone into women's and men's pyjamas, dressing gowns, pyjama trousers, nightshirts and sleep shorts for men too. 100% cotton and available on our website now.

Today I'm on London's exclusive Jermyn Street. The world famous home of elegant menswear...especially finest cotton shirts. British Boxers produce nightwear and underwear, so why am I here? Well, we also produce private label collections for stores here. We make pyjamas, boxer shorts and robes for clients and we put their label in the back of the beautiful garments. Our own collection originally sprang from our work here. I love this place. There's a timeless elegance. It's always buzzing, always formal and yet I always have fun too! Have a great weekend everyone. I feel like mine's already begun.

Here's a lovely thing. British Boxers work closely in collaboration with one of Britains last remaining hosiery factories from the good old days of British textile manufacturing and together we produce the most wonderfully soft merino wool socks and you know what else? They're £14 a pair which I think is pretty good. You're getting a far superior product to anything you'd get on the high street. You're getting beautiful design, a luxury finish made from very special yarns *and* you're supporting a home grown industry and British workers too. Whilst we can't manufacture everything in Britain (yet) we make whatever we can in the UK supporting British factories and suppliers. It's really important to us & the more we can make here and sell there the better that is for British jobs, the British economy and British toes too!

What's that old expression about roads and pavings and best intentions? We had hoped to bring British Boxers to the Netherlands this weekend in our own small way. Making friends and giving away some freebies. Unfortunately, a flight cancellation pushed us back a whole day and bad weather took care of the rest.

But we still love Amsterdam and hope to go back soon. The trip was far from a total loss. If you're going soon and looking for some good recommendations, here's what we learned: If you like Mussels and Gin, have the best of both at [ahem] Mossel en Gin in Westerpark. Then if you're feeling full, just take a short stroll to Ton Ton Club West. Bar/beer garden/restaurant downstairs and arcade upstairs. If you're not already confounded by the Dutch being spoken, the games left in their original Japanese instructions will finish the job. Bishy Boshy was easily the most bonkers and most fun. We recommend going with a birthday party group from like we did, but granted, that might not be as easy to arrange.

We did manage to put down our cocktail glasses long enough to take in the incomparable Rijks Museum and Hermitage Amsterdam and enough canals to sink a... well, canal boat. All before returning to the Joordan and enjoying one more waterside beverage at Waterkant, a bar tucked under a large multi-storey car park. Much, much cooler than it sounds.

We're still annoyed that we couldn't give away our proud orange boxer shorts in the heart of the Netherlands, so all Dutch fans of the brand, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a giveaway this week to customers from there.

Dank je wel Amsterdam!