What's that old expression about roads and pavings and best intentions? We had hoped to bring British Boxers to the Netherlands this weekend in our own small way. Making friends and giving away some freebies. Unfortunately, a flight cancellation pushed us back a whole day and bad weather took care of the rest.

But we still love Amsterdam and hope to go back soon. The trip was far from a total loss. If you're going soon and looking for some good recommendations, here's what we learned: If you like Mussels and Gin, have the best of both at [ahem] Mossel en Gin in Westerpark. Then if you're feeling full, just take a short stroll to Ton Ton Club West. Bar/beer garden/restaurant downstairs and arcade upstairs. If you're not already confounded by the Dutch being spoken, the games left in their original Japanese instructions will finish the job. Bishy Boshy was easily the most bonkers and most fun. We recommend going with a birthday party group from Booking.com like we did, but granted, that might not be as easy to arrange.

We did manage to put down our cocktail glasses long enough to take in the incomparable Rijks Museum and Hermitage Amsterdam and enough canals to sink a... well, canal boat. All before returning to the Joordan and enjoying one more waterside beverage at Waterkant, a bar tucked under a large multi-storey car park. Much, much cooler than it sounds.

We're still annoyed that we couldn't give away our proud orange boxer shorts in the heart of the Netherlands, so all Dutch fans of the brand, keep an eye out on our Facebook page for a giveaway this week to customers from there.

Dank je wel Amsterdam!