– On Track to Double Turnover.

“This year are on track to double turnover when compared to last year.

Last year we took 40% more than the year before. We sell into 50 shops including Harrods and on our own website. I’ve stood in the snow at artisan markets to forge my business and provide cash flow. I’ve fought wherever possible for British industry and jobs and I’ve controlled my time so I could take my little girl to her medical appointments but now I need you lovely lot to help me get over my crowdfunding line. I’ve pulled in £131000 so far which is brilliant, but if I don’t hit my target of £150000 we get nothing. Just £19000 left to go and you can invest as little as £10 if you want.

If you want to invest in someone who has worked in the nightwear and underwear sector for 20 years and who knows their stuff, if you want a someone who is dedicated, focused and enthusiastic beyond measure and if you want someone who ultimately wants to make you a good return, then we’d absolutely love to have you in our corner.”

Deb Price – Managing Director at

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British Boxers Co Director Darren Price will be in London on Friday morning to answer any potential investor questions. Details here —->

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Amazing Response to British Boxers Women’s underwear prototype.

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Earlier in the year I handed our first British Boxers women’s hipster knickers prototypes to one of the mums at the kids’ school. I asked her to let me know what she thought, whether they were comfortable, how they fitted etc. This was the response I got.. It’s brilliant. Sometimes you just need to let your customers sell your products for you.

Deb Price

Over to the mum…

“Well Deb what can I say, how glad I am to have bumped into you last night when you gave me those pants to try, they are the comfiest pants I’ve ever worn. I gave them a good test for you today and here’s my feedback.

1. The band stayed perfectly in place at all times n never folder over, even though over half of my day I was sitting on my backside with my tummy probably flopping over it.

2. The gusset, as you say, was perfect, not too big n not too small.

3. And very importantly, they never went ‘up my bum’ if you know what I mean. They stayed perfectly comfortably in place over my buttocks. This is so strange to give this kind of feedback.

4. Whenever you want another guinea pig to try anything on, I’m more than happy to try anything.

5. Look really trendy and will look fab in other colours too

6. I want more. They really are sooooo comfy and the fabric feels so smooth against the skin

Is there anything else I need to tell you about them?

Thanks again xx”



10 years on…


Ten years ago it was my daughters due date. I always feel sad on this day. Perhaps sad is too strong. Wistful, momentary melancholy is probably a better description. It stops me in my tracks – I don’t cry but I remember the sense of loss. What my life would have been, what I’d expected and planned. Instead I had a 5 week old baby who weighed 4 pounds and was extremely poorly. I was exhausted too. Diagnosis, surgery, the world of disability, carers, politics, business and the north of my childhood would follow. So would joy, fulfilment, heartbreak, euphoria and love. Juggling business and motherhood is never easy, throw disability into the mix and it’s a potential cocktail for disaster.. She inspires me to push boundaries and has made me fearless in my fight for my business. Risks are minimal when we’ve faced enormous demons in our personal lives and sometimes it’s those risks which can take us to new levels of success be it in business or at home. What an incredible journey I’m on and sometimes I feel how privileged & lucky I am. Disability should fill nobody with fear. It can make you fearless. Turn it on its head and move on..

Deb Price MD at

When hard work pays off…

Oh my goodness. I’ve just come off set from a photoshoot in Manchester and I’m bawling great big fat tears in my van at the side of the A34 somewhere south of the city. It’s been 3 years of standing in the snow at 7am on Sundays setting up artisan market stalls, 3 years of losing my home to thousands of underpants which in turn were making me worry about literally losing my home because of the cost of thousands of underpants. 3 years of VAT returns at midnight and wondering how the hell I was going to pay them, 3 years of wondering how my disabled kid would manage when she was a grown up if she didn’t have a family business to work in. Me ending up in hospital when my brains exploded (they didn’t actually explode. It just felt like they had & anyway as it happened I managed to sell some British Boxers to the male nurse while I was there so it was quite good really) Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. Darren, pop down the shop and grab us a bottle of fizzy would you sweetheart because I’ve only GONE AND BLOODY GOT MYSELF AN ORDER FROM HARRODS!
Massive great big laughing sobs and kisses to friends and customers who helped us along the way and great big humungous thanks to the best flippin’ buyer in all the world. Bloody love you Higgs. *takes a bow* Can I have a week in Spain now please. I’m knackered. Ha! _JAY9158 THANK YOU! Xxxx
Deb Price MD

7 years! Thank you. X 

It’s 7 years to the day that I received a letter in the second class post saying my child had Williams Syndrome and would need lifelong care. 7 years, I can’t believe it. I left my buying job to dedicate more time to her, I had another baby and I set up to push for UK design and manufacture. It’s been a fight for her future, a fight for our future and a fight for everyone involved in our business and it’s not easy but I just wanted to say a great big humungous thank you to everyone, friends, customers half of whom seem like friends anyway and colleagues who’ve believed in us, our family and our brand. (Am I starting to sound like Gwyneth at the Oscars? Oh dear) Anyway, a great big public thank you to everyone. You’re all brilliant. Xx Deb Price.  


Jurassic World. A review. 

Basically a very fit man in a dirty t shirt cops off with an American ginger Sophie Ellis Bextor. Some dinosaurs eat each other and also eat fat people. There are some kids one of whom is surely Brooklyn Beckham and the other one has a hair do that just won’t do in about 2 years time so they better make it to DVD quick and cash in while they can. I loved it.